Man’s marriage proposal prank on girlfriend sparks outrage: ‘Instantly dumped’

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Man’s marriage proposal prank on girlfriend sparks outrage: ‘Instantly dumped’

A prankster sparked backlash online after a marriage proposal prank he pulled on his girlfriend resulted in her cleaning a pile of dirty dishes.

The German TikTok user, who goes by Alexandrovitch online, uses the platform to share videos of the many pranks he pulls on his girlfriend. In one TikTok – which has been viewed more than 33m times – he films his girlfriend walking through the front door with rose petals and balloons at her feet. She asks her boyfriend, “What is this?” and he hands her a pair of scissors to cut a ribbon hung near the entrance.

He then hands her a bouquet of red roses and asks her to close her eyes. The prankster leads his girlfriend through their flat and into the kitchen. When they reach their final destination, he tells her to open her eyes.

Instead of some elaborate gift or proposal, she is met with stacks of dirty pots and pans littering the kitchen counter and sink. The boyfriend erupts in laughter over his successful prank, but his girlfriend seemed not too pleased when she threw the bouquet of flowers at him before storming out of the room.

While the prankster was left in stitches over his fake marriage proposal, some TikTok viewers were not as impressed with the prank. “I would have broke up with him instantly,” one user commented.

“The guide to ‘how to become single,’” wrote someone else.

“Instantly dumped and you’re moving out if that was me,” a third person said.

One TikToker commented, “I know I’m supposed to find this funny but I just feel so much pain watching this. I feel so bad for her,” while another user pointed out “With all that effort he put into tricking her he could have just washed the dang dishes.”

Another couple recently went viral on TikTok when a bride pulled a hilarious prank on her groom during their “first look” on their wedding day. In the TikTok, which has almost two million views, the groom is seen standing in his tuxedo as he waits to see his fiancée in her wedding dress before the ceremony. Instead, his friend – dressed in a too-small white gown – taps him on the shoulder. When the groom, who is already close to tears, turns around to see his bride, he bursts into laughter when he realises he’s been pranked.

“I was already about to cry!” the groom tells his friend before the two hug each other.

“It was always us,” his friend said, jokingly professing his love for the groom.

One viewer commented: “That is true friendship.”