Man hilariously photobombs bikini shoot on Bondi Beach

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Aussie model K ristina Mendonca was working it like a pro when a wild card appeared from the waves. Photo: Instagram/ kristinamendonca

There’s nothing quite like an unexpected third party raining on a photo shoot, to lift the spirits and refresh the soul – and this particular photobomb tops them all.

A tanned elderly gentleman and his impressively rounded stomach are lighting up social media today.

His devil-may-care attitude ruined this sexy photoshoot on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, in the most spectacular way.

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While Aussie model and Instagram star Kristina Mendonca poses in a red hot bikini, working it like a pro, the gentleman emerges from the waves with all the dignity of Poseidon.

Undeterred by the camera, he strides majestically forth to an unknown destination, a smile on his face and purpose in his eyes.

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Kristina, who later posted the video to her 600K followers, appears completely unaware at the time, her sexy poses fading in the light of the dignified promenade playing out behind her.

He walked straight into our hearts, like a thief in the night.Photo: Instagram/ kristinamendonca

The glorious moment elicited a hilarious response from her Instagram followers, before it was shared to Twitter where it predictably went viral.

The video has been viewed over 20 million times since it was posted to Twitter a few days ago, and our mystery man has a whole new loyal fan base, as he should.

“He’s magnificent!” wrote one user.

“Love that bloke’s supremely nonchalant joie de vivre,” said another.

“He’s sexy,” gushed one woman.

Some had eyes only for the mystery man: “That girl needs to get out of the way so we can check him out!”

While others saw themselves in both models: “Reckon I can be that girl in summer but usually progress to the gent at the rear by Christmas. They’re seasonal and I can recommend both looks.”

It’s another one for the history books, no doubt about it.

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