Man receives hair cut from girlfriend in lockdown that is so bad he is forced to shave it all off

With barber shops closed around the UK, one man succumbed to letting his girlfriend give his hair a trim - but she proceeded to completely “ruin” his do, and he had to shave his head.

Arizona Eastwood, 29, and Max Braham, 28, are stuck together at home in Chippenham, Wilshire while the country is on lockdown due to coronavirus - despite only being an item for several months.

Thanks to the short-term nature of their relationship, the pair are still finding out things about each other - like special skills.

It was on this basis that Arizona managed to persuade Max that she was qualified to give him a much-needed trim, with amusing results captured in a very funny video.

A man has complained his girlfriend "ruined" his hairdo when she attempted to give him a trim (SWNS)

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The assistant television director captured her boyfriend's reaction on camera just as he realised that she had tricked him.

Luckily, the builder eventually saw the funny side and is now sporting a shaved look around the couple's home.

Arizona said: "We are struck in isolation and Max needed a hair cut.

"We've only been together seven months and are still learning new things about each other.

Max Braham soon realised other half Arizona Eastwood had played a prank on him (SWNS)

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"So I told him I could cut hair, much to his surprise - and he believed me.

"It was only after I'd tried to do a fade to the back and sides of his hair that he realised this was all a lie - and he had no choice but to cut all his hair off.

"I couldn't stop laughing. My stomach actually hurt from it and still does when I watch it.

"He didn't find it funny at first but saw the funny side afterwards."

The builder was forced to shave it all off (SWNS)

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It comes another hilarious video showed a make-up artist carrying out an appointment through a letterbox to avoid contact in the coronavirus outbreak.

Tracy Graham, 35, feared that she wouldn't be able to carrying on doing appointments if she were to self-quarantine.

So she has come up with a funny way to keep her customers happy - by giving them a makeover through her letterbox.

In a tongue-in-cheek video shared to TikTok, she can be seen doing a test where she feeds a brush through to powder her nose on the other side.

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