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This man and his dog are (t)winning Instagram

As hippies.

This man and his dog are (t)winning Instagram

All images courtesy of @topherbrophy, @rosenbergthedog and @thedogstyler.

They say that over the years, couples start to look alike. There may be some truth to that with Topher Brophy and his dog Rosenberg.

Although the pair have only been together for two years, they share an unmistakable similarity — their hair, their green eyes and their many adorable matching costumes!

The two share their penchant for twinning on their Instagram page, and started doing so because it "just felt natural."

"When we walk around New York City, where we live, we get a lot of attention and seeing us seems to make a lot of people very happy. So we figured posting photos on Instagram could help spread joy to a larger audience," says Brophy. "If we can make people smile, and help even one person live more in the moment, even for a second, we have something to be proud of."

Surprisingly, Rosenberg (who's half poodle and half Australian Shepard) isn't opposed to being constantly dressed up in — according to Brophy, he actually embraces it.

"His temperament is unlike any dog I've ever interacted with. He climbs right into clothes and is a real ham," says Brophy. "In fact, he refuses to go outside in cold weather, unless he's properly dressed!"

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