Man City told ‘every trophy is tainted’ as owners are grilled by Keys – ‘what have they got to hide?’

Man City are champions Credit: Alamy
Man City are champions Credit: Alamy

Man City supporters have been told to ‘demand answers’ from the board as ‘every trophy is tainted’ unless they are proven innocent of any wrongdoing.

Over the weekend, Man City were crowned Premier League champions once again. They have now won the title for three straight years.

They are fancied to do the treble this season as they are in the final of the Champions League and FA Cup.

Earlier this season, they were charged by the Premier League for ‘more than 100’ breaches of the league’s financial rules. This followed a four-year probe into the club’s activity between 2009 and 2018.

This case is unlikely to be resolved for a couple of years but Man Utd legend Gary Neville thinks a resolution needs to be reached “as quickly as possible”.

“If the Premier League were not to see through these charges the damage to their executive would be equally long lasting as well.

“There is a massive pressure moment coming in the next couple of years and it really won’t go away until its dealt with.

“I have to say, we need due process of course but this is a sporting situation not a criminal one. Let’s move it forward and try and get it closed as quickly as possible.”

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Richard Keys meanwhile is wondering whether Man City have got something ‘to hide’.

‘City fans were all over me as well this past weekend. Look – enjoy your latest title win. Once again you’ve been the best team in the league. The table doesn’t lie. And your season might get a whole lot better yet,’ Keys wrote in his blog.

‘But don’t tell me you’re not fed up with hearing ‘Ah yes, but how have they done it.?’ I would be. If the same smell was hanging about Anfield, Old Trafford or the Emirates, I’m sure Liverpool, United and Arsenal fans would feel the same.

‘Whilst there are 115 unanswered PL charges surrounding financial irregularities at City we’ll all be saying it. And it isn’t my fault so don’t have a go at me. It’s your own clubs’ fault. Demand answers from them.

‘It’s City’s gift to clear the mess up. What have they got to hide? If they’re innocent – open up now and prove it. Don’t drag the whole saga on for the next few years employing highly paid lawyers, whose job it will be to find weasel ways out of the trouble they’re in.

‘Until there’s a resolution of the issue every trophy City win will be tainted. That’s not fair on those doing the winning nor those doing the watching.’

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