Man causes social media outrage by saying shaking hands with a woman is 'patronising'

Caroline Allen
The YouTuber shared his controversial opinion on Twitter. [Photo: Getty]

YouTuber, Paul Ray Ramsey, 56, from Oklahoma has caused a social media outrage by claiming on Twitter that he thought shaking hands with women “was like shaking hands with a child.”

In his bizarre tweets, the man went on to explain what women want, suggesting that almost all women are happy to hug in informal situations.

The tweet quickly went viral with thousands of people perplexed by his opinion. The serial tweeter has 49.5k followers on Twitter.

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Ramsey finished his tweet by saying “The handshake was designed as a greeting between men to show that your sword hand was empty.”

One Twitter user simply wrote: “Hun, you know people can read these tweets right?”

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Another wrote: “Cool, I’ll just slap you in the face next time I see you then.”

The YouTuber isn’t afraid of tweeting his controversial opinions. Since his initial tweet on April 1, he suggested a solution to decrease the gender pay gap: “Women should be prohibited from working part time or requesting family leave.”

His YouTube videos follow the same pattern. He created a 5 minute video in response to Twitter’s collective shock where he defends his opinions by describing women as having “little hands” and being “so delicate”.

One of the more popular replies to his tweets was from one woman who simply stated, “You’re a moron.”

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