Malaysian transgender celebrity Nur Sajat claps back at critics over showgirl performance

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Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman, the well-known entrepreneur, has addressed the recent controversy surrounding her debut performance as a showgirl.

Last week, Sajat shared a series of videos from her attendance at the “Trans Glamoré” event held at Sydney’s Newtown Hotel.

In 2021, Nur Sajat sought asylum in Australia due to legal and societal challenges she faced in Malaysia regarding her gender identity and entrepreneurial endeavors including a witchhunt by religious authorities to track her down.

On Tuesday, May 9, Sajat uploaded a new video in which she showcased her dance moves to Jennifer Lopez’s hit song Let’s Get Loud, while wearing revealing attire.

The live audience responded positively to her performance, but the reaction from local netizens was quite the opposite.

Critics took to the comments section to express their disapproval of Sajat’s actions. One commenter even went as far as saying, “You’re disgracing Malaysians and tarnishing Malaysia’s reputation, especially with that kind of dance. I can’t say more without inviting backlash.”

Instead of remaining silent, Sajat swiftly responded to the netizen, saying, “Excuse me. While I was born in Malaysia, I am now an Australian citizen. Pity yourself.” The netizen later deleted their comment.

Another individual advised the singer of Makhluk Penggoda to seek ruqyah, a healing method based on the Quran and Hadith, to treat her perceived ailments. Sajat, visibly frustrated, retorted, “Why should I? You’re being overly nosy. I’m no longer in Malaysia; I’m in Australia now. Stop judging me and refrain from hurling ignorant insults.”

It is evident that Sajat’s recent showgirl performance has triggered mixed reactions, with supporters applauding her and critics chastising her actions. Despite the backlash, Sajat remains firm in her response to the negativity, defending her choices and asserting her autonomy.


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