Malaysian teacher creates giant 'Barbie' boxes to improve students' learning


An English teacher in Malaysia has embraced the current global Barbie frenzy and ingeniously integrated the popular doll into his classroom.

Innovative educator: Muhammad Nazmi took to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Sunday to share how he created life-sized "Barbie boxes" fashioned from upcycled containers to make learning more fun for his students. Nazmi then used the giant boxes as interactive photo booths similar to those commonly found in cinemas and promotional events. Sharing images of his students posing inside the Barbie boxes, Nazmi wrote: "If you guys [sic] tired with all negative and demotivating news in the social media... So I hope this can give you guys a break."

Fostering enthusiasm with learning: In his post, Nazmi revealed how he uses such learning aids to better engage his Year 2 pupils, which he says offers a fresh perspective on English-language education. The dynamic integration of the Barbie-themed props also captured the students' enthusiasm and elevated the classroom atmosphere. Through his lesson plan "What I want in my Barbie box?" he was able to teach his pupils new nouns and simple adjectives.

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Capturing hearts online: Nazmi's creative teaching technique has captured the attention of many, with social media users commending his innovative spirit and dedication.

"They are so lucky to have you as their teacher!" one X user wrote.

"Well done! Keep up the good work," another chimed in.

"Keep it up," wrote another.