Malaysian man sells RM1 nasi lemak from his car, draws long queues & sells 1,600 packets within an hour

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With inflation hitting hard, food vendors were recently forced to increase prices to cope with the current situation. However, one Malaysian man is going against the norm by selling nasi lemak at the extremely affordable price of RM1.

bangsudu - RM1 nasi lemak

Known to all as Bangsudu, he explained that the nasi lemak is cooked by his parents on a daily basis. He then opens his stall at 6.30am and it sells out in less than an hour. For those of you wondering how is it possible for Bangsudu to earn a profit when the nasi lemak is priced at just RM1, he shared that he doesn’t earn a lot. Despite many comments online telling him to hike the price up, he plans to keep it at RM1.

bangsudu - nasi lemak

He explained that this is mainly for the sake of his customers so they would not be burdened financially. He felt sympathetic for the students at school, having understood that food sold there can be rather expensive. And with at least with this nasi lemak, they will be able to fill their tummies without breaking the bank.

bangsudu2 - queue

It is estimated that Bangsudu sells around 600 packs of nasi lemak every day and the food can sell out in just 30 minutes. In fact on 27 August 2022, he sold a whopping 1,600 packets of nasi lemak. Despite selling for RM1, customers praised his nasi lemak, saying it was tasty with flavourful sambal.

If you’re ever around Desa Coalfields, Sungai Buloh and are looking for a delicious homemade packet of nasi lemak for breakfast, head over to Bangsudu. You can spot him selling it from his car and there’s always a long queue. You can also join his Telegram group to get daily updates so you can get a bite of the tasty (and cheap) nasi lemak!

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