Malaysian Couple Holds ‘Drive-thru’ Wedding Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

Jia Ling

With the COVID-19 outbreak not letting up, many have cancelled their plans, postponed their weddings, and individuals are encouraged to practise social distancing among other safety precautions implemented.

Even so, that did not thwart the wedding plans of one Malaysian couple. In fact, they rose above the occasion with an extremely creative ‘drive-thru’ wedding.

Pictures of the couple’s wedding ceremony were revealed when wedding planner, Dinas Bridal, shared them via Facebook on Monday (16 March).


Alongside the wedding pictures in the post was an advise by the Bridal service: “Reduce contact in open places because we (Dinas Bridal) care.”

Photo: Dinas Bridal / Facebook

The concept was based on the consideration of the couple towards their guests, in light of the possible transmission of the coronavirus. 

And of course, netizens loved it. The post has since garnered over 7,500 comments and 11,000 shares. 

Drive-thru Wedding

Photo: Dinas Bridal / Facebook

Can we say that it is social distancing at its best with the drive-thru wedding? 

Used hand signal as a greeting

Even so, necessary formalities were carried out—even though they differed slightly.

Instead of the usual “salam” handshake greeting, the couple and guests greeted each other by holding their hands over the chest.

drive-thru wedding

Photo: Dinas Bridal / Facebook

drive-thru wedding

Photo: Dinas Bridal / Facebook

Contribution box for guests to deposit gift money

After passing through with greetings, guests proceeded to a ‘Contribution box’ to deposit gift money as a token to the married couple. 

drive-thru wedding

Photo: Dinas Bridal / Facebook

Photo: Dinas Bridal / Facebook

Handing out food packets to guests

Following that, the groom hands over packed food to guests as a form of appreciation.

If not for COVID-19, the usual celebration would typically include a buffet spread with guests engaging in hearty conversations. 

Photo: Dinas Bridal / Facebook

Wide smiles from a guest as she receives packed food from the groom. | Photo: Dinas Bridal / Facebook

A very considerate move to protect the health of loved ones. Coupled with a genius concept, this wedding will surely be etched in the minds of many.

Congratulations once again to the couple!

Photo: Dinas Bridal / Facebook

Meanwhile, for the rest of us who are out, do remember to take care of your own well-being by avoiding crowds and close interaction as far as possible. 

You can view the full post by Dinas Bridal below:

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