Malaysia Lockdown: Man Shares Husbands’ Hilarious Struggles To Help Wives Shop For Groceries

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It has only been less than a week since the beginning of Malaysia’s nationwide lockdown. The country banned citizens from travelling overseas and has also shut schools, shops and many public services until March 31 in a bid to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

And that has reignited the fears of food shortage, propelling shoppers into panic-buying mode once again: emptying off shelves while scurrying to stock up their homes. 

But amid the panic from shoppers, come a whole new set of challenges for this group of people: “remote groceries shoppers,” a.k.a. husbands mobilised by their wives to pick up groceries while they stay home.

Man Documents Hilarious Scene of Husbands Shopping At Supermarket

“If you’re a ‘remote groceries shopper’ like me, don’t forget to fully charge your phone before you execute your mission!” wrote Facebook user Cheanu Chew after a recent trip to the supermarket.

His relatable and hilarious post calls out to fellow men like himself, tasked by their wives to do grocery shopping. 

There are three husbands featured, to be exact.

According to Chew, the husbands were on their handphones as they busied themselves with receiving instructions from their wives—and getting the items right were of priority.

Husbands shopping at supermarket
Husbands shopping at supermarket

Husbands shopping at supermarket: “Are you also a “remote groceries shopper?” | ⁣Photo: Cheanu Chew / Facebook

During his “mission”, Chew overheard one husband who got scolded by his wife due to getting the wrong carrots. 

“One of these remote shoppers got scolded by his wife over the phone when he was on loudspeaker and he quickly turned off the loudspeaker to continue operation,” wrote Chew.

He also witnessed a lady shopper who “felt sorry for him and just let him take his time to choose before she took her turn”. 

“Stealth operation”: Husbands Shopping At Supermarket

Another husband resorted to a different way by “solely texting and snapping photo the entire operation,” he said. “We call it stealth operation.” 

It is unlike the last husband, who was on live video call the entire operation, “just to make sure everything was all clear”. 

Photo adapted from Cheanu Chew / Facebook

Husbands shopping at supermarket
Husbands shopping at supermarket

Grocery shopping is serious business. | Photo: Charlotter Pua / Facebook

And it seems like these husbands not only caught the attention of Chew, but also a fellow shopper and Facebook user, Charlotter Pua. 

Serious Business 

“玩玩啊你以为,” captioned Pua alongside the photo. In other words, it means: “don’t play play”.

Grocery shopping is indeed serious business when it comes to these husbands. Chew who successfully completed his mission, and gives out some tips to fellow men. 

Apart from ensuring that the mobile phone is fully charged, Chew suggests getting enough sleep the night before to maintain calm over the phone—as well as to minimise disruptions during the operation. 

“Mission accomplished for me, and I’m ready to retreat!” 

What Netizens Say

Chew’s relatable post has since garnered over 60,000 likes and 37,000 shares.

A Facebook user that goes by the name of Eddie Lee, had given his two cents about the matter, saying that is it not the husbands’ fault for the continuous voice calls, video calls or taking of photos in confirming the needful.

Photo: Eddie Lee / Facebook

Other users like June Khaw, took Chew’s sharing with lighthearted humour, even referencing it to a “system HANG”.

Photo: June Khaw / Facebook

What do you think? Are you also a “remote groceries shopper”?

View Chew’s full post here:

husbands shopping at supermarket
husbands shopping at supermarket

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