Maktar Inc Introduces Qubii Duo as a Promising Alternative to Cloud Storage

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Countless individuals, as well as small and large companies, are relying more and more on cloud-based platforms. It’s no surprise why—the utilization of the storage and management system involved in cloud services not only entail reduced hardware costs but also gives users immediate access to their files so long as they are connected to the Internet. However, considerable issues remain even in the face of the overall utility that comes along with storing information on the cloud. Above any other concerns are security and privacy issues, these are the gaps that Maktar Inc is trying to close through its signature product Qubii Duo.

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While it all boils down to a matter of preference, numerous security experts have given their two cents in the debate revolving around offline storage versus the cloud. With many of them warning against fully depending on this particular approach of data storage, tech ventures that believe that not everything needs to be hosted on the Internet have upped their game. Maktar Inc, which is known for serving as one of the leaders of the consumer electronics space, has engineered a promising alternative to cloud backups and storage: Qubii Duo.

Even before launching Qubii Duo, an ultra-fast cube that can be plugged into people’s phone chargers and allows individuals to charge their phones and store photos simultaneously, Maktar Inc has been making significant waves in the industry for designing, developing, and selling consumer electronics, software, and services.

Credited for improving the efficiency and security of today’s digital processes, this Taipei-based global technology company is the brainchild of Mactaris Chen and is committed to the vision of creating more than gadgets that will trend. From the beginning, it has emphasized the importance of creating intuitive products that will enable users to lead their lives without worrying about tech failures, as well as placing a heavy premium on encouraging sensibility and proactive behavior among those who wield the power of digital technology.

Qubii Duo is an addition to the already impressive portfolio attached to Maktar Inc’s name. Operating in line with the venture’s mission to protect everyday users’ privacy and safety, it makes it possible for people to automatically backup their photos, contacts, and 4K videos offline every time they charge their phones and tablets. Additionally, unlike cloud-based platforms with recurring monthly charges, it lets users store their data onto a microSD card that can be replaced once full.

Maktar Inc’s bias toward offline storage is a response to the fact that clients’ information and data are susceptible to malware and leaks when stored on the cloud. With the simple, secure, intuitive and versatile features that come hand in hand with every Qubii Duo, it hopes to offer people a more cost-efficient and safer choice.

In the future, Maktar Inc aims to continue its streak of designing and developing products that will change how individuals approach their digital activities. Judging by the potential of Qubii Duo to become a staple item in the years to come, it can be safe to say that this fast-growing company will succeed in making a mark with its future releases.

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