Makan Cocok: S$1 lok lok sticks like lobster ball with free spicy sauces at Bukit Batok

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Food-on-a-stick is a universally loved concept. The lok lok is no stranger to this love too, and now you can stuff yourself with as many of them as you crave. We’re here to bring to your attention an ever-green offer from Makan Cocok that’ll have you running out for some.

Makan Cocok is selling each stick for just S$1! With a minimum order of five sticks, you get to relish ultra-affordable and convenient food at Bukit Batok. The best part is its fixed price for the time being, with no foreseeable expiry date.

Makan Cocok - close up of lok lok
Credit – Makan Cocok

Makan Cocok is a new establishment, having only opened its doors on 1 Aug 2022. They’re a Muslim-owned stall in WCEGA Plaza serving halal food to the masses. The owners are a couple who’ve always dreamt of opening their own lok lok stall. Driven by the motto to bring the community together, they believe nothing will get the job done like good food. Now with this irresistible offer, it’ll surely be hard to stay away from that.

Makan Cocok - The owner and the lok lok with sauces
Credit – Makan Cocok

For those who need an introduction to this catchy-sounding snack, it literally translates to “to dip” in Cantonese. At Makan Cocok, customers get to choose their sticks of meat and veggies. These are then deep-fried and served to eat with sauces. Traditionally, it’s cooked in a steamboat first and then eaten with the sauces, but Makan Cocok creates a quicker process through the deep-frying route.

They also provide four delicious sauces to enjoy the sticks with— totally free of cost! It keeps getting better, doesn’t it? These sauces include Sambal Cili Kicap, Sambal Balado, Mayonnaise with Nacho Cheese, and Roasted Sesame.

Makan Cocok - different types of lok lok
Credit – Makan Cocok

And now, the exciting part— what types of sticks can you choose from? It’s a long list of items, but the hot sellers are Chicken Wings, Black Pepper Hotdog, Shitake Mushroom, Tofu Skin, Cheese Tofu, Lobster Ball, Fish Cake, Prawns, and so much more. Makan Cocok also regularly updates its menu, so you can expect to see some fresh items from time to time. Your new favourite supper spot, perhaps?

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