Maisie Wilen RTW Spring 2024

It may sound funny for a young brand to feel grown-up, but designer Maisie Schloss feels like she is in a new phase. “I totally feel older than I was when I launched it. I’m in a different place in my life. And I imagined that my customer’s kind of growing with me and I’m responding to what feels right at this point in my life,” Schloss said via Zoom.

The look: Crisp daywear inspired by Angeleno Americana, her take on classic sportswear.

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Quote of note: “In the past, there’s always been more of a going-out edge to it, whereas this season I’m more focused on something that feels a bit more casual, daytime, and a bit more sophisticated.”

Key pieces: Cargo pants, button-ups with matching ties, and A-line skirts, a mix of denim; L.A.-themed digital prints — mixing elements of the natural landscape with the city’s showbiz identity — on separates and technical fabric dresses, wide-leg pants.

Takeaway: A grown-up approach widens the young brand’s breadth, which could open it up to a new customer who wants Schloss’ subversive, technical and sophisticated approach to clothes.

Launch Gallery: Maisie Wilen RTW Spring 2024

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