Maine Mendoza's camp threatens lawsuit over deepfake video

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

24 Dec – Maine Mendoza's camp is threatening legal action against those who continue to share a fake sex video of the said actress.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the issue sparked recently, when netizens tweeted to Mendoza a screenshot of a sex video saying that there is a resemblance between the woman in the video and the actress herself.

To that, she responded that it looks eerily similar but that it was not her.

Her manager Rams David soon released an official statement to deny Mendoza's involvement in the video, stating, "All Access to Artists, Inc. and Ms. Mendoza hereby inform the public that the said video is fake. It has been digitally manipulated using deepfake technology. Ms. Mendoza is not involved in the said video and neither does she participate in the making of pornographic and other explicit materials."

He also added that they will not hesitate taking legal action against perpetrators linking the actress to the video, and remind the public to be more discerning of the content they see online.

(Photo Source: Maine Mendoza Instagram)