Maine Mendoza surpasses Kris Aquino as top endorser

Mendoza's increasing popularity and Aquino's break from television play a big part in the change

28 Jun - She became popular after impersonating Kris Aquino, but now it seems that Maine Mendoza is taking the Queen of All Media's status as the queen of endorsements as well.

As reported on Newsko, the Philippine Association of Philippine Advertisers (APA) recently confirmed the news, saying that Mendoza is now replacing Aquino as top product endorser.

APA's Soltero Salazar stated, "It cannot be denied that Ms. Kris [Aquino] has been the favorite of product companies for more than two decades for their advertisements. But apparently, this has not been the case this year."

However, Mendoza's popularity isn't the only reason why she became the favourite of many brands.

According to Salazar, Aquino's departure from ABS-CBN also plays a big factor in the market change, as she is no longer seen constantly on national television.

He also added that now that the political atmosphere has changed and that Liberal Party is no longer the dominant party, it has also affected the star power of the Aquino family.

(Photo Source: Maine Mendoza Instagram)