Maine Mendoza is not interested in endorsing politicians

3 May – Maine Mendoza may be open to new experiences, but endorsing a politician may not be one of them.

As reported on PEP, the actress' talent manager Rams David recently revealed that Mendoza has actually received a lot of requests from politicians for her endorsement since 2018.

However, he assured that the team has declined all of them politely.

"I feel like a politician should not need someone else's help [to gain support]. If you are a good politician, you don't need a superstar to vote for you. Just go on the right platform and do your best to win," he said.

David added that these offers also came from Bulacan, where Mendoza's family is currently based.

"The truth is, if we only want money, there are many offers,... as in millions. But no," he added.

(Photo Source: Maine Mendoza Instagram)