Maine Mendoza admits talking about the future with Arjo Atayde

Heidi Hsia

17 Dec – Maine Mendoza recently admitted that she and boyfriend Arjo Atayde have already talked about their future together.

As reported on GMA News, the actress, who spoke openly about her relationship with the actor at the press conference of her MMFF entry, "Mission Unstapabol: The Don Identity", shared that there is nothing for them to hide when it comes to their romance.

"I am getting older, he just also turned 29, so we are talking about the future," she added.

Nonetheless, Mendoza stressed that having those discussion does not mean that the two of them are planning a wedding anytime soon, especially since she still has older siblings who have yet to tie the knot.

"I think that my marrying age would be 28," said the 24-year-old.

At the same time, the actress said that she is thankful to fans as they have been very supportive of her relationship with Atayde.

(Photo Source: Arjo Atayde Instagram)