Maids At Thomson Rd Condo Forbidden From Using Facilities, Non-Complying Residents Will Get ‘Period Ban’

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Sustaining domestic helpers in Singapore is often a matter of great discussion most most households. After all, they are a crucial part of our lives, helping us live in a more structured and organised manner. And while they themselves strive to help the families that employ them, it seems that they can’t catch a break. Especially, if they are hired at the Thompson Rd Condo!

At condominium at Thomson Rd, maids may have to take their recreational activities elsewhere.

According to recent reports by Mothership, the building’s facilities are said to be “exclusive use of residents and their guests”.

Domestic Helpers in Singapore Not Allowed To Use Condo Facilities?

domestic helper in singapore
domestic helper in singapore

Image source: Mothership reader

A reader of Mothership and resident of Cube 8 condominium shared a circular by the management, Empire City Consultants. The notice stated that domestic helpers were “not allowed to use the recreational facilities.”

“Any domestic helper, found in the recreational facilities in the absence of their resident employer, will be evicted immediately,” the management shared.

It was also written that residents who fail to follow the rules would be subject to a “period ban” from using these facilities. These include a barbecue area, a function room, gym, sauna, swimming pool, playground, game room and more according to Property Guru.

How To Support Your Foreign Domestic Helpers In Singapore

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While it’s important you can trust your maid, it’s also just as essential that they trust you as well. As you live together, you also work together to make workings around the house a little easier and stress-free.

A concerning study from the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) found that approximately 24% of domestic helpers in Singapore suffer from poor mental health.

You may want to consider that your maid may be facing difficulties and is unsure of how to express it to you. To reassure your domestic helper that they can feel comfortable to inform you if there are any problems, here are a few things you need to remember:

1. Try not to compare them to your previous maid. Don’t expect the same from every helper. You may be tempted to resort to comparisons, but it’s always better to avoid that. You need to remember that they are completely different people and would naturally do things their own way.

2. Your maid has a family of their own. Your family may be their priority right now, but don’t forget that they also have a family. Let your maid re-connect with them whenever she can. If any issue arises, expect them to also come to you for advice or encouragement.

3. Make sure your expectations are clear. Don’t leave them hanging. Discuss with them what you expect from on a daily basis. And be clear if there’s something you want to be done within the day. This helps in avoiding any misconceptions and prevent disappointment later on.

4. Remind them that if they need any help then they should ask. Otherwise, you’re only left with second-guessing whether there’s any trouble or not. It should be clear to them that if they need assistance from you, then they must let you know.

5. Your domestic helper is human, too. Be patient with your maid and remember that people can make mistakes. If they’re new, give them more time to get used to your family. Advise them on how they can help around the house.

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