Maid Sentenced To 14 Months’ Jail After Dipping Toddler’s Hand Into A Pot Of Boiling Water

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A 30-year-old woman from Myanmar sentenced to 14 months’ jail for dipping her employer’s child’s hand into boiling water repeatedly which resulted in second-degree burns.

The incident was caught on video where the victim, who was 16 months old at the time, was seen crying while the act was being done.

The maid admitted she was incapable of taking care of children

The incident happened on 14 January 2020 when the maid was at home with the victim and the victim’s eight-year-old sister. Their parents were not home at the time. The maid was preparing their dinner when the child started to cry from the other room, making her carry the child while cooking.

After a while, the woman started to dip the child’s left hand into the boiling pot she was cooking on and did so multiple times. She continued to do this even as the child began to cry louder.

The child’s sister came out of the bathroom while she was still crying and screaming in the maid’s arms. The helper told the 8-year-old sister that the child had voluntarily put her own hand into the pot. The sister then called her father about the burns on the child’s hand. He advised them to apply aloe vera and toothpaste to ease the pain.

When he arrived home, the family took the child to the hospital where she was treated for second-degree burns on her forearm.

woman sentenced to jail
woman sentenced to jail

Image Source: Facebook video screengrab

CNA reported that prior to the incident, the maid already wanted to be transferred after two weeks of working for the family. She admitted to her employers that she did not know how to take care of their two children.

After speaking to her agency about her request, she was told she would have to incur costs to transfer so she decided to stay with her current employer instead.

CCTV camera caught everything

The following day after the incident, the maid once again requested to the child’s father if she could either be sent back home or transferred. This made the father suspicious so he went to check the CCTV footage with his wife.

Horrified by what they found, the couple confronted the maid on what they saw on the video. The helper admitted that she did intend to hurt their daughter. The couple immediately called the police afterwards.

Later on, the mother uploaded the CCTV footage of the incident on January 21 which spread throughout Facebook in hopes to raise caution on being watchful of kids and their caregivers.

The child’s wounds fully healed on January 24, 2020, but was left with a burn scar.

Because of the incident, the former maid was sentenced up to 14 months of jail time for causing harm to the innocent child, with effect from April 8.


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