Maggie Yu happy mean role in "Wonder Women" affected viewers

9 Dec – TVB actress Maggie Yu is happy that viewers are paying attention to her performance in the new series, "Wonder Women" despite playing an antagonistic role.

As reported on HK01, the actress, who plays the role of the boss and lover of the husband of Miriam Yeung's character (played by Raymond Wong), affected many viewers with her performance in a recent episode, where she tried to bribe Lan Fei (Miriam) to leave her husband.

Speaking to the media about her character, Maggie stated that she felt there is still room for improvement as she didn't have the confidence to play such a domineering character when she was first given the role.

"But Miriam told me not to be afraid, and Raymond would tell me to practice wearing heels at home. Pakho [Chau] also helped a lot with the fighting scene. I really am lucky to have them as my co-stars," she said.

Prior to "Wonder Women", Maggie had only played stereotypical wife roles.

When asked if she is worried that her image as a good Christian woman would be tarnished by the character, Maggie said that she doesn't mind it at all.

"If the audience has strong feelings about the character I play, it means that it has left a deep impression," she said.

(Photo Source: Maggie Yu Instagram)