Maggie Jiang doesn't like coming home for CNY

11 Feb – There is a reason why "So Young" actress Maggie Jiang is not fond of coming home for the Lunar New Year - her parents have been busy finding her a husband.

The actress, who spoke about her lack of a love life recently, revealed that her father has been urging her to get married in recent years, especially now that she is in her 30s.

"They'll still find me a blind date in private, which is really awkward for me," she said.

Maggie admitted that she would feel restless and hesitant about going back to her parents' house during the Lunar New Year, and would always have an "exit strategy" when she's home.

Although she is currently single, the actress was previously in a high-profile romance with Chinese heartthrob Hu Ge, whom she worked with in the 2014 series, "Go! Goal! Fighting!"

In a recent interview, Maggie admitted that one of the reasons why they broke up was because she didn't want to be known only as "Hu Ge's girlfriend".

(Photo Source: Nanrenwo)