The Macallan Partners With Fashion Designer Rhuigi Villaseñor For New Harmony Ritual Kit

Macallan Harmony Ritual Kit
Macallan Harmony Ritual Kit

Celebrating the release of The Macallan Harmony Collection, the renowned Scotch whisky brand has released a new Harmony Ritual Kit. Roping in the expertise of fashion designer Rhuigi Villaseñor, The Macallan together with NTWRK has released an uber cool kit for the whisky which is inspired by Intense Arabica.

The Macallan Harmony
The Macallan Harmony

Naturally with the Scotch and coffee link, The Macallan Harmony Ritual Kit, co-created by the LA-based Filipino American designer, pays tribute to both. The Harmony Collection is a limited annual release series driven by the brand’s deep-rooted connection to nature for nearly 200 years and exploration of the world of sustainable packaging. This is the second edition in the collection inspired by the Arabica coffee bean from Ethiopia, renowned as the birthplace of coffee.

Celebrating The Worlds Of Coffee And Whisky

A collaboration born from the pursuit of excellence within oneself and the community, The Macallan Harmony Ritual Kit is an incredible sensorial experience blending the worlds of coffee and whisky. The limited edition ritual kit is dual-sided, providing all the elements for a multi-sensory tasting experience of coffee and whisky.

The whisky side includes The Macallan Harmony Collection Inspired by Intense Arabica and two custom-designed glasses explicitly made to maximize the flavours and aromas of the whisky. On the coffee side, there’s a custom French press designed by Villaseñor and two coffee cups for your favourite brew, which is ethically sourced and uses sustainable processes and upcycled materials. The Harmony Ritual Kit also includes a QR code that leads to a video tutorial on flawlessly executing the pairing ritual at home.

As a creator, Villaseñor has an inherent curiosity for innovation and creativity that mirrors the artistry of The Macallan. He appreciates the unexpected and finds ways to reinvent classic items with his unique twist. A master in his own industry, his knowledge, creativity, and love of his art were instrumental in creating this product.

With a shared commitment to sustainability, the box was thoughtfully crafted to be a permanent fixture in one’s home. The Macallan Harmony Ritual Kit is available via NTWRK.

(Images: NTWRK)