M.I.A. has also succumbed to the NFT craze

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The singer M.I.A. will offer some of her digital works in the form of NFT for sale from April 8.

The Weeknd, Kings of Leon, Aphex Twin... We can't keep up with the number of artists who are jumping on the bandwagon of NFTs, these unique tokens digital works to be sold and certified. The singer M.I.A. has now joined the fray and will soon offer several of her digital creations at auction.

As she is known to do, M.I.A. is venturing into new and surprising realms. After launching her own Patreon page last year, the British singer of Sri Lankan origin is now throwing her lot in with the non-fungible tokens which are being snapped up by collectors. And she is far from being the only one. Canadian artist The Weeknd recently raised $2.9 million after selling his first collection of NFTs on specialist platform Nifty Gateway.

While the singer of "Blinding Lights" offered unreleased tracks in the form of NFT, M.I.A. has chosen to sell some of her digital works. From April 8, fans of the activist singer will be able to bid Foundation on the Foundation platform in an attempt to acquire "GIFTY 1," an animated image on which we see her shaking. This GIF belongs to the "NFT GARAGE DANCE" collection, which is described in a release as a series paying tribute to her "25-year tenure as a digital artist." GIF THANKX pic.twitter.com/mXFhTjKpGy

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"Revolutionizing the music industry?"

M.I.A. also announced plans to soon sell "KALA COYN," her first-ever digital artwork, as NFT. "'KALA COYN' and the 'GARAGE DANCE' series is a living, breathing, psycho-spectral canvas that crystallizes this moment in time for me," she said in a statement. "Visually, it's a mind f**k and embodies everything I've loved about the digital art arena. It's only now that the appropriate gallery for my work finally exists."

In recent months, more and more musicians are turning to NFTs as a way to break free from the opaque and unequal pay system of streaming platforms. British DJ and producer Calvin Harris, also sees in NFTs an opportunity to "completely revolutionize the music industry." "The fact that smaller artists can have ownership over their music and literally just make what they want and then let the people decide. It seemed like such a great, direct way of doing it," he said during the "Good Time Show" on Clubhouse.

Caroline Drzewinski