How LV Exotic Rentals Changing The Car Rental Scene in Las Vegas

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Athena Kavis and Mohammed Shakaoat are equal partners and the founders of LV Exotic Rentals. LV Exotic Rentals is an exotic and luxury car rental company operating in Las Vegas, Nevada. Athena, a serial entrepreneur who first became self-employed at 18, comes from a smaller town in Florida and has since successfully built many businesses from the ground up.

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Kavis started out by creating a swimsuit company and rapidly scaled it, soon realizing it was time to make the move across the country to LA where she already established a network from previous work as an influencer.

Mohammed, also a serial entrepreneur, started out with four ATMs working his way up to be an equal partner at LV Exotic Rentals and the CEO at Capital Ecomm, a leading ecommerce automation company. LV Exotic Rentals started with one Tesla but continued expanding their inventory and now commands one of the most diverse fleets of exotic and luxury rental vehicles in Las Vegas.

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What Makes LV Exotic Rentals Different

LV Exotic Rentals was established with the idea of providing a personal concierge style service to make renting an exotic car hassle free for customers. Many car rental companies were founded with the intention of buying inventory off of major rental companies and selling them back once demand skyrocketed back up after the pandemic. LV Exotic Rentals is here for the long run, and Athena stated that this is a passion project for her and Moe, who both love exotic vehicles. The LV Exotic Rentals team is very accommodating and works hard to personalize the experience for everyone who talks in the door.


LV Exotic Rentals offers many unique services and add-ons with their rentals. Among these are remote rental LV Exotic Rentals truly care about providing an enjoyable and hassle free experience for renters. The fleet of vehicles they have not only contains high end exotic vehicles and luxury vehicles, but some are upgraded with aftermarket modifications. Even though the cars LV Exotic Rentals have in fleet are high end vehicles, they are available at affordable prices so they are accessible to anybody who wants to enjoy a first class experience in the car of their dreams.

Future For LV Exotic Rentals And The Founders

Both Moe and Athena look forward to the future of LV Exotic Rentals and plan to continue building their fleet. Athena stated that many people see entrepreneurship as a glamorous trend, but she and Moe are experienced entrepreneurs who have the knowledge and drive to make LV Exotic Rentals a long standing and top luxury car rental company. Outside of LV Exotic Rentals Athena and Moe plan to grow themselves as entrepreneurs and remain expanding their other business ventures.

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