This Luxury Train Journey Is Now Going Deeper Into the Arctic Circle’s Northern Landscapes

It’s European train travel at its most stunning.

It's now possible to take a trio of stunning Norwegian train rides all on one luxury trip. Sustainable upscale tour company Up Norway is offering an extension on its already spectacular Arctic Circle Express tour. It allows travelers to go even further north to Lofoten and Narvik, and experience the Ofoten Line (Ofotbanen) — one of the nation’s standout railways in addition to Flåm and Rauma, both also on the itinerary.

“This enhanced 15-night itinerary invites discerning travelers to embark on an immersive adventure through Norway's captivating Northern landscapes, unveiling hidden gems and rich cultural experiences along the way,” the company said in a release provided to Travel + Leisure. “In Lofoten, with the added trip extension, travelers can enjoy remote villages, a dramatic scenic route, adrenaline-pumping arctic surfing, and international art collections.”

<p>Kylling Bru/Leif Johnny Olestad</p>

Kylling Bru/Leif Johnny Olestad

Travelers will then head to Narvik for a private tour of a World War II museum and ride the Narvikfjellet Cable Car with panoramic views of the city, fjords, and mountains. But the highlight is riding the Ofoten railway itself. “Referred to as The Arctic Train, this railway line traverses Norway's stunning fjords and mountains through a rugged and untamed landscape from Narvik towards Sweden,” Up Norway said on its site.

The new extension latches onto the end of Up Norway’s existing 11-night trip that runs from May through September, starting in Oslo and taking the Oslo-Bergen Railway to the Flåm Railway. The latter is not just the steepest line on the continent, but one of the most spectacular traveling through different microclimates and endless gasp-worthy viewpoints.

After visits to Bergen and Ålesund, it’s then time to board the Rauma Railway from Åndalsnes to Dombås. There will then be time in Trondheim before getting on the Nordland Railway, which is nicknamed The Polar Express since it crosses the Arctic Circle into Bodø — which is slated to be one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2024, along with Austria’s Bad Ischi and Estonia’s Tartu.

Along the way, the accommodations range from boutique stays to those in a traditional fisherman’s cabin. Staring for 2024 departures, there's also the chance to stay in Narvikfjellet Mountains’ Basecamp Narvik.

Every step of the journey is carefully curated by the team at Up Norway, starting with a pre-trip digital guide filled with advice, details, and around-the-clock access to chat with the team. (T+L can especially vouch for the tours since Up Norway’s founder Torunn Tronsvang is a T+L Top Travel Advisor and Norway specialist.)

The complete journey with the new extension starts at $6,587 per person when booked in pairs, or $4,639 per person for the original 11-night version. For more details, visit

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