Lupita Nyong’o almost wore 'vomit green’ dress to 2014 Oscars

Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong’o was originally planning to wear a "vomit green" dress rather than her iconic blue Prada gown to the 2014 Oscars.

The actress, who won the Best Supporting Actress gong back in 2014 for her role in 12 Years A Slave, topped all the best dressed lists when she wore a custom powder blue Prada floor-length gown to the prestigious Hollywood event.

However, she told Vanity Fair that she almost went to the Oscars wearing something completely different, as the Italian fashion house had created two gowns for her to choose from, with a variety of different skirts and bodices.

"The other (dress) was this gorgeous – I wanna call it vomit green – but it was really, really beautiful. And for the longest time, I thought that was the dress that was going to win," she explained, adding that it was the day of the Oscars when she decided the baby blue dress was the one.

"It wasn't until either the evening before or the morning of, that we just put this gown on and it just won," Lupita recalled. "And I remember I definitely wept when I put it on."

She also shared that she wanted to incorporate how she felt about her first-ever Oscar nomination into the design and colour of the dress.

"I wanted it to capture the cloud that I felt like I was floating on," Lupita fondly added.

On the morning of the Oscars, the Kenyan-Mexican actress made sure she was relaxed so had a massage to help prepare for the biggest red carpet event of the year. However, she discovered her styling team were a bundle of nerves.

"They were physically shaking, they were so nervous," she laughed. “You’ve got to let the oxygen in. I believe in enjoying the moment. It’s about the moment.”

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