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We tried the best-selling 'Lululemon dupe' leggings, and here's what they look like on 3 different body types

Despite the great fashion debate, we're here to make it clear for the record once and for all: leggings are pants. Whether you wear them to the gym, put them on to run quick errands or have figured out a way to style them up for the office, leggings will forever be an essential part of our wardrobes.

Given how popular the athleisure trend has become and how ubiquitous leggings are in people's wardrobes, it's not hard to find high-quality that fit your style and budget these days. Whether you're looking to spend $20 or $200, there are lots of great options to choose from. Obviously, activewear brands like Lululemon and Athleta make cult popular leggings, but you can also find solid options on Amazon and at Target, too.

Over on TikTok, a pair of Amazon leggings (known as the "Lulu dupes" or the "Lululemon leggings dupe") went totally viral. Thousands of different users have posted videos comparing the affordable leggings to Lululemon's popular Align design, and these videos have racked up over 18.6 million views. Given how popular these lookalike leggings seemed to be with real shoppers, I had to investigate and find out what the hype was all about.

The Lululemon leggings dupe in question are by a brand called Colorfulkoala, and they're available on Amazon for just $25. These leggings have been dubbed the most underrated dupe for Lululemon's best-selling Align pants. Crafted from a buttery, soft-stretch fabric, these high-waisted leggings offer unrestricted movement and a seamless waistband for maximum comfort.

Available in over 25 different colors in sizes XS-XL, the Colorfulkoala High Waisted Yoga Pants have more than 45,000 ratings, 75% of which are five-star. Three In The Know by Yahoo editors recently put these leggings to the test to see if they're as good as other shoppers claim. Keep reading for our real reviews. Spoiler alert: "These definitely feel comparable, if not better, than my more expensive leggings."

Lululemon Leggings Dupe Review

Brittaney Trent, Height: 5′9″, Wearing size : S

Credit: In The Know / Brittaney Trent
Credit: In The Know / Brittaney Trent

On the fit: "It's very rare for a pair of leggings (or pants in general) to be long enough for my legs, so the fact that these are a little bit short of ankle-length on me is totally fine! I think the sizing is spot on and fits me perfectly."

On the fabrication: "The fabric feels a bit on the thicker side so I probably wouldn't wear these running outside in 90-degree weather, but you can tell these leggings are great quality. Plus, they're not see-through, so no worries when you're bending over or doing squats. I love having a seamless high-waistband when wearing leggings, and this pair is perfectly comfortable. It doesn't slide down while exercising (like other brands do). And I can't forget about the pockets! These leggings have pockets on both sides that are secure enough to hold my iPhone, keys and chapstick while running."

Would you recommend? "I would definitely recommend these leggings to a friend. In fact, my mom just ordered a pair! They're definitely worth it, not just because of the affordable price, but the overall quality as well."

Katie Dupree, Height: 5’2“, Wearing size : XL

Credit: In The Know / Katie Dupree
Credit: In The Know / Katie Dupree

On the fit: “The material really holds you in, but stretches with your movements, which I love. These leggings fit me almost perfectly length-wise, bunching a little at the ankles, but not much. That’s incredible for someone who is 5’2” and a size 16. Usually, my ankles are swimming in extra fabric. I like the high-waisted rise, which is what I usually go for in leggings, but did have problems keeping the waistband from rolling down.”

“I got a size XL in the leggings, which is the highest size available. As a size 16, they fit me — but I don’t think they’d work for someone any larger than me. The size of the average woman in the U.S. is generally agreed to be a size 16 or 18, meaning these leggings likely wouldn’t work for a large chunk of the population.”

On the fabrication: “These definitely feel comparable, if not better, than my more expensive leggings — Lululemon leggings included. They are a thick, breathable material, meaning they are not see-through but you aren’t sweating in them. Plus, when the guy I am dating complimented them, I was able to use the iconic line, ‘Thanks! They have pockets!’ Spoiler: I really liked the pockets.”

“I did have a little trouble with the waistband as a curvy girl. Because these hit me right at the smallest part of my waist, they have a tendency to roll down. I have this problem with a lot of ‘seamless’ waistband leggings, especially those that are high-waisted. I also wish the double seam down the side was single, just because I like my leggings to be a little sleeker. But the double seam makes housing pockets possible so I will accept the trade-off. “

Would you recommend? “I would definitely recommend these leggings to a friend, given all the considerations. Though I think the size range could be better and the waistband rolling down is annoying, they are surprisingly high-quality and look really nice. They outperform my Lululemon leggings, with virtually no piling so far and a more secure fit.”

Laura Galvan, Height: 5′1″, Wearing size : XS

Credit: In The Know / Laura Galvan
Credit: In The Know / Laura Galvan

On the fit: "Because of my height (or lack thereof), I always gravitate to a high-waisted silhouette. I cannot remember the last time I wore low-rise bottoms in any kind of pant, especially when it comes to leggings. The high-rise offers great torso coverage and lengthens my short legs.

On the fabrication: "These leggings are proof that you don't have to spend upwards of $100 to get high-quality workout attire. The spandex and polyester blend really is buttery soft and I love that these leggings are completely opaque. The fabric is definitely thick, so if you are looking for a lightweight summer option, then these probably aren't for you. However, even though they are thick, the material still feels breathable."

Would you recommend? "I 100% recommend these leggings, especially because you can't do better for the price. Just like Brittaney, my mom purchased a pair for herself as did my sister! Perhaps my favorite part about these leggings (besides the epic pocket) is the seamless tag. I have major textile issues and always end up cutting irritating fabric labels out of all my clothing, so the fact that I didn't have to with these leggings is a big win in my book."

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