Luke Bryan Shares the Authentic Inspiration Behind His Music

Luke Bryan Shares the Authentic Inspiration Behind His Music

These days there are few country singers more authentically country than Luke Bryan. From his Southern accent to his Georgia roots to his upbringing hunting and working on farms, there's a reason real country folk relate to his music. Now, he's leaning into his roots and getting back into the agriculture game, but definitely not giving up on his music career. "At the end of the day I know where my bread's buttered. I'm a country singer so I let the farmers do the farming but it's fun having 300 acres of corn on my farm," Bryan told Country Living.

Aside from the corn crop on his southern Tennessee farm, Luke has teamed up with Agricultural Machinery Company Fendt to give back to the farming community. Fendt has released four flavors of Luke's Boldy Grown Peanuts including Homegrown Honey Roaster, Down South Dill, Sizzlin' Sriracha Ranch, and, most recently, Backwoods Bourbon. Through the partnership Fendt has donated $50,000 to the National Future Farmers of American Organization (FFA), a cause close to Bryan's heart. "It's funny, I worked in peanuts my whole life and left for music and now I'm back selling peanuts, but as long as it's for a good cause," Bryan joked.

Growing Up Country

Peanuts have had a special place in Luke's life since childhood, and he admits peanut butter and boiled peanuts are still a staple in his diet. "My dad owned a peanut mill [...] and we were the first step to get them to the shelling plant. This time of year I'd be working 'til 3 am every night at the peanut mill. [...] We were putting in 20 hour days," Luke explained, "It was hard enough work that I knew I wanted to go chase my music dreams."

Song like "Rain Is a Good Thing," "Here's To The Farmer," "Harvest Time," and "Welcome to the Farm" remind fans of Luke's roots in agriculture along with his Farm Tour concert venues. Instead of opting for big cities and arena, Bryan holds concerts where he knows his hard-working fans live: out in the country in small, farming towns. "Whether you're a farmer or you work at a steel mill or whether you're a computer programer, when you put my music on I hope it takes you somewhere other than where you're at. And I hope it puts a smile on your face and lets you decompress from a hard day's work," Bryan said.

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Staying True to His Roots

Luke Bryan has made his name in the music industry, selling out shows, amassing millions of fans and scoring a spot as an American Idol judge, but he's still a country boy at heart. Even on the road, he makes time for his old hobbies like hunting and fishing. "In every nook and cranny of my tour bus there's either a fishing rod and fish and tackle stored in places and now with Fall coming we’ll get our bow and arrows. We’re getting ready ya know, getting geared up for dear season. We keep it pretty real out on tour with my organization," Luke described. He's even passing these passions down to his two sons, Bo and Tate, "I'll be in the parking lot of a huge amphitheater or arena and I'll be shooting my bow and arrows and my boys will be out with me doing the same."

He even accredits his farm-centered upbringing for his success in music and for making him the man he is today. "My first year I think I did 315 shows that year and I think growing up working in agriculture, working long days that was kinda my boot camp. It was boot camp to get ready to launch as an artist."

Though hard days on the farm are no longer his bread and butter, his roots will always be apart of him, and he keeps close ties with farming friends around the country, including his father. Considering Luke has been on the music scene since 2007, we don't think the fame has touched his true country roots.

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