Luis Manzano ready to marry Jessy Mendiola?

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

24 Jul – Vivian Velez recently disclosed that Luis Manzano is planning to marry girlfriend Jessy Mendiola.

As reported on Inquirer, the actress made the statement on Facebook on 20 July, writing, "Last February, Luis Manzano expressed his desire to marry Jessy. You made the right choice Lucky."

She also revealed that Mendiola's mother Didith Garvia is actually her second cousin - which may answer the question as to how she knew Manzano's intention.

Manzano, who started dating Mendiola in 2016, previously stated that he will not rush into marriage with the actress.

Although he is sure that the actress is the one for him, the actor stated that he would rather work harder to provide Mendiola the life that she and their family deserve.

(Photo Source: Jessy Mendiola Instagram)