Luhan's fans slam "Shanghai Fortress" director for miscast claim

22 Aug – Fans of pop idol Luhan has slammed director Teng Huatao for supposedly blaming the singer for his new movie's failure to make a dent at the box office.

As reported on HK01, the issue sparked after Teng apologised and spoke about the lacklustre reception of "Shanghai Fortress" in cinemas and its meagre ratings on movie sites like Douban and IMDB.

The director admitted that he may have made a mistake in giving the young star the wrong character to play in the film, saying that the role might not be suitable for him.

In the film, Luhan plays the role of a college graduate who falls in love with a senior UNDC Chief Commander (played by Shu Qi) and follows her to serve as a reservist in Shanghai Fortress division.

Although calling it a miscast, Teng, however, stressed that the singer was not paid heftily for the film, denying the idea that Luhan only accepted the project due to its high remuneration.

Following the comments, fans of the singer took to social media to blast the director, claiming that he was blaming the failure of the movie on Luhan alone. Many commented that the issue sparked from the script itself, and the lack of chemistry between Luhan and Shu Qi.

On the other hand, others defended the director, saying that he wasn't blaming the singer but his own mistake of miscasting the lead.