Lucy Hale undergoing tattoo removal treatment

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale is undergoing laser surgery to remove six of her old tattoos.

The 30-year-old has been adding to her collection of body art consistently over the years and has a bunch of around 14 small and delicate tattoos on her body, mostly in places that can be hidden by clothing.

However, in a cover interview for U.S. Cosmopolitan magazine, Lucy revealed she was in the process of having six tattoos removed, including ones that depict an elephant, a light bulb, and a Bible verse.

"I got it done out of the country and it was not done well," the Pretty Little Liars star said of the elephant design, before adding that she was "over" the light bulb.

Regarding the Bible verse on her rib cage, she noted, "I'm not religious by any means at all anymore", and explained how the "thick" font isn't in keeping with the single needle art she has on the rest of her body.

However, there are several pieces of body art that Lucy has decided to keep, including "I love you" written in her grandmother's handwriting on her arm, an evil eye, and a quote from the Instagram poet Atticus which reads, "Love her but leave her wild."

In an interview with Refinery29 last July, the brunette beauty explained that she was removing some tattoos due to their outdated style.

"It's not that I don't like them, it's just the style of them is so different now," she shared. "I got them when I was like 17. Things are different, times have changed. I love a lot of mine, it's just like (I) look back on some, and I'm like, 'What was I thinking?"

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