Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson became friends through MySpace

Pretty Little Liars stars Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson first began their friendship on MySpace.

The actresses appeared together on all seven seasons of the popular teen drama series from 2010 to 2017 but, speaking in a video for magazine Wired, Lucy revealed their friendship began when they connected on the social networking site back in the mid '00s.

"We met actually on Myspace. I was 15. We had mutual friends in common, I didn't randomly find her," Lucy shared. "Kendall Schmidt, who was on Big Time Rush, this Nickelodeon show, he was the linking factor. I saw that he was friends with her and we kind of became friends through him. He thought we would get along, and he was right."

She continued: "But we became Myspace friends, and then our first hang out was at Disneyland. We were like super, super tight when we were teenagers and then kind of lost touch. And then Pretty Little Liars brought us back together."

The star went on to describe the role the platform played in their friendship as "really weird, actually."

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