I Love the (Fake) Feud Between Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin

75th primetime emmy awards show
Pedro Pascal Continued the (Fake) Feud with CulkinMonica Schipper - Getty Images

Pedro Pascal got his revenge. The Emmy Awards may have kept the jokes light after Jo Koy bombed at the Golden Globes, but Pascal wasn't going to step on the stage without ribbing his celebrity friends. Mentioning his recent shoulder injury, he jokingly announced, "Kieran Culkin beat the shit out of me." Fox censored the joke at the awards show, but the Emmys audience burst into laughter.

For those who may not remember, Pascal and Culkin have kept a fake feud going during this awards season. It all began when Culkin won a Golden Globe this past week for his role in Succession, stating, "I was nominated for a Golden Globe like 20 years ago, and when that moment passed, I still remember thinking, I’m never going to be back in this room again."

"But thanks to Succession, I’ve been in here a couple times," Culkin continued, before shouting out a resounding "Suck it, Pedro!" Pascal was also nominated for a Golden Globe for his leading role in HBO's The Last of Us. Shortly after, Pascal injured his shoulder and has been attending red carpets with his arm in a sling. He previously told People that he simply "fell," but The Mandalorian star has refrained from speaking on the incident in greater detail. To his credit, the actor has seamlessly blended the sling into multiple amazing red carpet outfits.

After his Emmy Awards quip, Pascal now has the upper hand. It may be a momentary victory, however, as both Culkin and Pascal are up for the same award at the broadcast tonight once again. I'd watch that other shoulder, Pedro.

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