Love Is Blind’s Taylor opens up about that “hurtful” conversation with JP

love is blind taylor rue, jared pierce season 5
Love Is Blind star on "hurtful" conversation Netflix

Love is Blind season 5 spoilers follow.

Taylor Rue, star of Netflix's Love Is Blind, has opened up about the "hurtful" conversation that she had with fiancé JP Pierce while on their post-pod vacation.

The smash reality series follows single men and women looking for love – the catch being that they date and get engaged all before meeting in person or seeing each other.

But for two stars of the currently airing season five, Taylor Rue and JP Pierce, things didn't quite go to plan after the newly engaged couple were revealed to each other and travelled to Mexico for a 'mini-honeymoon'.

taylor and jp love is blind season 5

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Taylor and JP struggled to form a connection – and when Taylor brought this up to JP, the latter said that he wasn't physically attracted to her due to her makeup.

"It felt like you were fake. You had a caked-up face, fake eyelashes... you presented fake stuff," he said during the season's sixth episode.

"When I first saw you, you had all this stuff on, I was like, 'Well, is this gonna be an everyday thing? Am I gonna have to deal with this, you putting on a face?'

Speaking to PEOPLE, Taylor opened up about the "hurtful" nature of JP's comments.

"For a while after, I felt like I looked in the mirror differently," she said. "I thought to myself, 'Did I have too much makeup on? Did I not?' I went back and forth with myself for the longest time, but I just think I stay true to myself.

love is blind taylor rue, jared pierce season 5

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"I'm not going to let a comment hurt me that bad or get me down that bad. But I definitely thought about it for a while. It was hurtful, but we're all good now."

Despite the pair having reconciled, it was this conversation that led Taylor to call off the relationship altogether.

"I was like, 'This is it. I have that feeling in my heart, and I don't want to go through with it,'" she told the publication during the same interview.

Taylor also explained how she felt that "the version of JP that [she] had fallen in love with was not there," during the couple's trip to Mexico, contributing to her decision to stop the marriage.

"That was so scary because I thought to myself, 'I have to move home with this person. I'm supposed to marry this person and I don't even know this person.' So that scared me."

Episodes 1-7 of Love Is Blind, season five, are currently streaming on Netflix. The next batch of episodes will drop on October 6.

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