Love Is Blind couple moving in together after two years of marriage

matt bolton, colleen reed, love is blind, season 3
Love Is Blind couple making big relationship stepNetflix

Two of Love Is Blind season 3's contestants have taken a big relationship step, two years after marrying.

Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton tied the knot in the summer of 2021 when filming the third run of the Netflix hit. Although they are still together (one of two couples from that season to not break up), they hadn't actually moved in together. Until now, that is.

Appearing on the Out of the Pods show, hosted by fellow Love Is Blind stars Deepti Vempati and Natalie Lee, the couple explained that their decision was partly due to money, and partly due not them not wanting to rush into things.

matt bolton, colleen reed, love is blind, season 3

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"Me and Matt are going to move in together in the next two weeks," Colleen explained.

"We don't have the finances to buy, by any means, but we're going to rent in Dallas and then that gives us time to really find the perfect home for what works for us."

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Although the couple explained that they practically live together anyway, with Matt not going back to his place once in the last month, they still think that living together might be quite the different experience.

"To, kind of, adapt to now living with someone, it takes a while, it takes a second. And both of us didn't want to rush changing that, all of the sudden expediting that for other people."

Still, Colleen isn't too bothered by the relationship dynamic changing too much, joking that if she was able to live with him in a TV studio then she would be able to live with him anywhere.

Love Is Blind season four is available on Netlfix now.

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