Love your bike? This is how you should take care

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Love your bike? This is how you should take care
Love your bike? This is how you should take care

19 Sep 2021: Love your bike? This is how you should take care

Be it brand new or your good old motorbike, love for it never fades. But the irony is, in the long run, many find it difficult to maintain their two-wheeler, either due to lack of time or interest. However, it is essential to keep your bike in proper condition to ensure safety while riding it. So, if you want some tips, read on.

First step: User manual is the first guide to know your bike

With any bike comes its user manual, which usually gets stored somewhere and you forget about it eventually. But that's where you go seriously wrong as that single book helps you with knowing your bike. Every detail in it runs you through the specifications of crucial parts that you could fix on your own. Also, socializing with fellow bikers helps in this case.

Engine oil: Engine oil is like blood for bike, keep a check

An ineffective engine oil slowly eats up the health of your bike. Check its level on a daily basis and try to maintain the right amount. Also, dirty engine oil drags your engine down and puts a lot of pressure on your beast. Change it when it's time. Replace or clean the debris in the air and oil filters. Keep the bike chain oiled.

Crucial parts: Do you care for your bike's breaks, tires, battery, sprockets?

It is obvious that failed brakes lead to fatal accidents. Be cautious in changing brake pads based on the kilometers and bike capacity. However, harsh roads might wear out the pads soon. Be careful about that. Air pressure in tires should be stable, as suspensions and shock absorbers fail with worn-out tires. Check battery power regularly. Keep an eye on sprockets after every 30,000-40,000km.

Electric bike: Got an electric bike? This is how to maintain it

With rising fuel prices, the inclination toward electric bikes has increased. Hence, automobile companies are competing to provide the maximum mileage. Remember, overburdening your e-bike will drain the battery life and affect engine performance. Also, shock absorbers get damaged sooner, compared to regular motorbikes. Park your e-bike in a shade and shut down or turn on vacation mode when not using it for long.

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