Love Alarm Season 2 cast and director tease plot for the hit romance drama

Kim So Hyun as Kim Jo Jo (left) and Song Kang as Hwang Sun Oh in Love Alarm Season 2. (Photo: Netflix)
Kim So Hyun as Kim Jo Jo (left) and Song Kang as Hwang Sun Oh in a first look pic of Love Alarm Season 2. (Photo: Netflix)

Song Kang, newly dubbed the "son of Netflix", and Kim So Hyun will be reprising their roles in the second season of Love Alarm with Jung Ga Ram.

In a press conference on 8 March, alongside director Kim Jin Woo, the actors gave their thoughts on the more complicated plot which has evolved since season one, and how their characters have grown and matured in the process.

Love Alarm is based on a popular web comic by Chon Kye Young and centres around the Love Alarm app, which alerts users if someone has a crush on them within a proximity of 10 meters.

In season one, Hwang Sun Oh (Song Kang), Kim Jo Jo (Kim So Hyun) and Lee Hye Young (Jung Ga Ram) were high school students caught in a love triangle.

Now, season two features all three cast members as adults, who are more mature but with the same romantic struggles.

Kim So Hyun, who is excited about reprising her role as Jo Jo, said in Korean, "With the launch of Love Alarm version 2.0 in the first season, you saw Sun Oh and Jo Jo and the other characters as students. Now, they have grown into adults. You can see the three of them having grown up as people, and also in their relationship as well."

"In the first season, Jo Jo appears as a defensive character who puts a shield on her love alarm so she can't ring anyone's alarm. She's afraid of expressing her feelings. However, Jo Jo decides to get the shield removed from her love alarm in the second season and tries to be as honest as she can be when it comes to handling relationships," said Kim of how her character has evolved.

Jung Ga Ram as Lee Hye Yeong (left) and Kim So Hyun as Kim Jo Jo in Love Alarm Season 2. (Photo: Netflix)
Jung Ga Ram as Lee Hye Yeong (left) and Kim So Hyun as Kim Jo Jo in a first look pic of Love Alarm Season 2. (Photo: Netflix)

Of his character Hwang Sun Oh, Song Kang acknowledged that Sun Oh has grown as a result of his experiences in school.

“In season one, Sun Oh was a high school student. You saw the pure and youthful side of him. However, since he broke up with his high school crush Jo Jo, he’s very heartbroken. But in season two, Sun Oh becomes more mature, grown-up and you will be able to see him as an adult,” Song explains.

Song has been given the nickname "son of Netflix" since he's now already appeared in three dramas that were picked up by Netflix: Love Alarm, Sweet Home, and upcoming Navillera. When asked about his new moniker, Song coyly responds, "I am just very, very grateful. And when I hear of those nicknames, it just motivates me to do better, work harder. I really want to be someone deserving of the title 'actor'. So I constantly try to portray and express different emotions. That’s my focus."

Director Kim Jin Woo expressed that he felt pressured to perform after the great success of season one. "I feel pressured and a lot of responsibility because the first instalment was a huge hit and the actors had already built their characters. My task was to deliver their chemistry onscreen and capture their emotions in a delicate way," he said.

When asked if they would download the Love Alarm app 2.0 if it were real, the answer was a resounding no.

“While the app is convenient, in that you don’t have to express your feelings, I think that delivering your feelings in your own words or confessing your emotions by yourself is more true for me,” says Song.

The second season of Love Alarm premieres on Netflix this Friday, 12 March.