Louise Lee not worried about "Heart and Greed" ratings

3 Jan – TVB actress Louise Lee is not worried about the viewership ratings for her drama, "Heart and Greed", even though it is not ideal compared to other anniversary dramas.

As reported on Mingpao, the veteran actress shared that she doesn't think that the drama has no audience since all of her friends had stayed tuned to all the episodes since day one.

"I just think that the ratings were affected by the fact that the drama can be watched from various channels. For example, the show is also streamed online. That can affect the ratings too," she pointed out.

Louise added, "It's a different era now, and we must accept the reality. I wanted to see how it's performing online too, but I couldn't find the channel."

On the other hand, when asked if her hearing is improved now since she didn't wear her hearing aid, Louise stated that she often forget to wear it when she goes out since she rarely wears it at home.

(Photo Source: Louis Lee Instagram)