Louise Lee assures Susanna Kwan's health

19 Dec – TVB actress Louise Lee recently assured everything is fine with Susanna Kwan, who has been mum about the death of ex-husband and composer Michael Lai.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who posted a photo of her with Susanna and several of their colleagues on social media earlier, shared that her "Moonlight Resonance" co-star was in the pink of health when they saw each other that day.

"She looked refreshed and her face was full," she added.

Louise admitted that even she had heard rumours of Susanna's illness, but that there is no reason to believe it's true.

"She looked very pretty and happy to me," she added.

Susanna has been away from the limelight for the past two years since her last drama, "Heart and Greed". She was later reported to have gone to the doctors for a medical issue, and had neither confirmed nor denied the claims.

The actress was also silent about the passing of Michael, of whom she was married for two years back in the early '80s.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)