Louisa Mak rumoured to be dating steel heir Alex Pong

10 May – Rumour has it that TVB actress Louisa Mak has found new love in wealthy heir Alex Pong, grandson of The Shiu Wing Steel's Pong Ding Yuen.

As reported on On CC, sources claimed that the actress has been seen several times with Alex in recent months, and that the two of them have known each other since their studying years in England.

It was also said that Alex has always been interested in Louisa, but only had the chance to pursue the 2015 Miss Hong Kong this year.

When asked about their latest meeting recently, Louisa said that she and Alex were actually with a group of friends, and not on a date as it was made out to be by the tabloids.

Asked if Alex is pursuing her romantically, the actress responded, "We have been friends since we studied in England. We have fun as a group. I won't say much more. I don't want to drag others into it."

(Photo Source: Louisa Mak Instagram)

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