Louisa Mak: Never be discouraged by exam results!

16 Jul - Louisa Mak recently sent an encouraging message to Hong Kong students who have received their Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) exam results.

Mingpao reported that the actress, who is known for her academic achievements even before she joined showbiz, recently shared on Instagram that it has been eight years since she experienced the same anxiety and anticipation of receiving her exam result.

"In just two weeks, I began to understand that the test results do not represent a good life or a happy one. Because when I finally realised a long-time goal, I found that the joy is only a moment," she said.

Louisa stated that there will be more challenges waiting after a high school exam. Some may be a great student, but couldn't keep up with the stress of college life and eventually find themselves without a job; while some may not be great during high school, but would succeed later in life.

"Take myself as an example. My exam results were great, but now I am not working in a large corporation. I am now in the same level as my colleagues with different academic backgrounds," she said.

Louisa added that while achieving a great exam result is a good thing, one should never forget oneself. And while some may not achieve the ideal result, they should never be discouraged.

"Life is a journey full of surprises. The pursuit of success is endless, so if you learn to enjoy the beauty along the way, you will find the satisfaction. This is what I remind myself every day," she added.

(Photo source: instagram.com/louisa_mak)