Louisa Mak defends her sexual assault statement

6 Dec – TVB actress Louisa Mak recently defended her decision to share about her experience of being sexually assaulted, following netizens' allegation that she was only trying to get attention for herself.

As reported on Mingpao, Louisa recently posted a "MeToo" hashtag in light of female athlete Vera Lui's confession that she was sexually assaulted by her coach when she was 13. The actress shared that she was also sexually assaulted by a man when she was 17 or 18, back when she was studying in mainland China.

Louisa, who denied that she was raped, said that she reported the incident to the police in Hong Kong, but did not take any substantive action since the incident did not happen in Hong Kong.

While some expressed support for her, others questioned Louisa's story and action, saying that she should have reported the assault to the mainland's police when it happened.

When asked about it, Louisa said that she was still young at the time and only thought about coming home to her family.

"Now I think about it, I should have taken action at the time," she said.

As to criticisms about the nature of the assault that she never actually explained, the Cambridge Law graduate responded, "What should be considered sexual? Intentional touching of the breast or private parts can be presumed as sexual. Some might think the crime of touching someone's private parts would be more serious than touching the breast, but touching the breast is still considered indecent assault."

She stressed that her decision to share her experience is mainly a way for her to help others and educate people on how to protect themselves.

(Photo source: Louisa Mak Instagram)