Louis Vuitton shocks with new £955 headphones and £810 mini-handbag case

Lauren Clark
·2-min read
Louis Vuitton are selling a pair of wireless headphones for £955. (Louis Vuitton)
Louis Vuitton is selling a pair of wireless headphones for £955. (Louis Vuitton)

The pandemic has seen technology use soar in the past year – and Louis Vuitton has jumped on the trend, launching a new pair of wireless headphones to listen to music and podcasts on your daily walk.

However, the French fashion brand has caused surprise on social media, where people have balked at the £955 cost of the blue monogrammed accessories.

In an Instagram post launching the product this month, the label described them as the “union of style and sound”.

But, clocking the eye-watering price tag, one social media user commented: “This is a joke, right?”

Another commented: “The price (outrageous).”

A third shared: “People actually buy these?”

And a fourth added: “How much???”

On the brand’s website, the Horizon Wireless Headphones – which come with Bluetooth capabilities, are noise-cancelling and last up to ten hours between charges – are described as having “some of the best audio quality on the market”.

Louis Vuitton is also selling an £810 earphone case – which is actually a miniature version of its iconic ‘Dauphine’ handbag – that can be worn as a necklace or across the body.

On the brand’s website, the monogrammed piece, made from calf leather, is described as being “sized to accommodate a pair of AirPods Pro”.

The designer label first introduced headphones into their range for £763 in January 2019, coming in four colour options and offering 3.5 hours of listening time on a single charge.

It has collaborated with Master & Dynamic, a New York-based audio brand company, to launch the ultra-luxe rival to Apple AirPods, which cost £159.

The fashion brand are selling a miniature version of their 'Dauphine' handbag as an earphone case for £810. (Louis Vuitton)
The fashion brand is selling a miniature version of its 'Dauphine' handbag as an earphone case for £810. (Louis Vuitton)

It’s not the first time Louis Vuitton has unveiled a product line which has turned heads.

In July 2019, it started selling its own version of Jenga for a cool £2,426.

Unlike the wooden pieces typically associated with the popular children’s game, the brand’s components are made from plexi-glass in gradient shades of blue and pink.

Despite the product’s clear similarity to the original version, the label makes no mention of the word “Jenga” – it is instead referring to it as a “Monogram tower”.