Louis Tomlinson holds a concert in the desert in new 'Walls' video

Louis Tomlinson unveiled the fifth and final single off his upcoming debut album, "Walls," which will arrive on January 31.

The long-gestating full-length will be led by "Walls," which the former One Direction member co-wrote with Noel Gallagher.

In a statement, Tomlinson remarked that the mid-tempo ballad is about "coming home having been on tour, soon after the band had split."

"I found some of my girlfriend's clothes in the cupboard and it hit me what I'd done. I love the indie sound of the song and its circular nature -- it opens and closes with the same lyric," he noted, alluding to the line "Nothing wakes you up like wakin' up alone."

"Walls" arrived alongside an accompanying music video, which was filmed in the Moroccan desert by Mancunian director Charlie Lightening.

The surreal visual finds the 28-year-old musician opening a mysterious door in the middle of a barren landscape, before sitting on a chair attached high on a wall.

At the song's climax, Tomlinson is seen performing "Walls" on a glowing platform in the middle of the desert along with four mysterious silhouettes -- prompting fans to believe that the singer-songwriter was alluding to his former bandmates Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan.

"Walls" arrived a few weeks after the previously issued cuts "Don't Let It Break Your Heart," "We Made It," "Kill My Mind" and "Two of Us."

Tomlinson opened up in a statement about the inspiration behind his long-awaited debut album, which he described as a tedious project.

"Honestly, I've been through every emotion possible in the past few years and come out the other side stronger and more confident than I've ever been. I know I've made an album that my fans will like, one that sounds like me and has its own identity. There were times I wasn't sure if this was what I should be doing. Now I can't imagine doing anything else," he recalled.

In addition to releasing his debut LP, Tomlinson will soon embark on his first 50-date solo tour, which will kick off on March 9 in Barcelona, Spain.

In the meantime, discover the music video for "Walls":