Louis Koo saddened by deaths of great Hong Kong icons

13 Nov – Louis Koo recently expressed his sadness over the continuous loss faced by the Hong Kong film industry, following the death of the many industry giants this year.

As reported on Sina, the actor, who is also the incumbent president of the Hong Kong Performance Arts Guild, took to Weibo to mourn the loss, saying, "2018 has been filled with the sorrow of parting for the Hong Kong people. Too many giants have passed away, including earlier Mr. Liu Yichang and Mr. Charles K. Kao. [Several days ago], we also lost Mr. Louis Cha and [today] film industry giant Mr. Raymond Chow Man Wai."

"They were all Hong Kong's real elite," he added.

Charles K. Kao, who passed away in September, was a Hong Kong electrical engineer and physicist who pioneered the development and use of fibre optics in telecommunications.

Liu Yichang was known as the founder of Hong Kong's modern literature, whose novel "The Drunkard" and "Intersection" inspired Wong Kar Wai's movie, "2046" and "In the Mood for Love". He passed away in June this year.

Louis Cha, known by his pen name Jin Yong, is a celebrated wuxia writer with the most adapted works, including his "Condor" trilogy and "Swordsman" series. He passed away at the age of 94 late last month.

On the other hand, Raymond Chow, who passed away on 2 November, was the founder of Golden Harvest - a film production, distribution, and exhibition company that has produced thousands of films and introduced to the world some of the greatest martial arts actors like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

Louis also expressed his sadness over the tragic death of actress Yammie Lam, saying that the Guild will do their best to help arrange her funeral.

(Photo Source: Louis Koo Instagram)