A Look At Spanish Driver Carlos Sainz Jr.’s Net Worth, Salary And Impressive Assets

Carlos Sainz Jr net worth
Carlos Sainz Jr net worth

On Sunday, September 17, the world of motorsport saw two unbeaten records drawing to a close in Singapore. While Red Bull Racing had their winning streak ending at 15 races (including one from 2022), Max Verstappen failed to win a race for the first time after 10 races (both the winning streaks are Formula 1 records). However, for Carlos Sainz Jr. and Ferrari, it was a night to remember at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Even though this win hardly thwarts Max Verstappen’s bid for a third consecutive F1 World Championship, the Dutch driver would have cherished winning the Singapore Grand Prix 2023, a victory that would have been his first in the Southeast Asian nation. Much akin to 2022, Verstappen even missed out on a podium spot on Sunday.

Rubbing salt on Red Bull Racing’s wounds, their other driver, Sergio Perez, failed to grab a place on the podium as well, unlike last year. With Ferrari securing the first and the fourth places, the Red Bull team is bound to feel gutted having lost their first race of the 2023 season, though they remain the overwhelming favourites to win the Constructor’s Championship title.

With this win, Carlos Sainz Jr. secured his second finish on the podium in 2023 and shortened the gap with fourth-placed Fernando Alonso to 28 points on the Drivers’ Standings. On the back of his performance, Ferrari also inched closer to the second spot on the Constructor’s Standings as they moved within 24 points of Mercedes with their fifth podium finish for the season.

So, as the motorsport world revels in the success of Carlos Sainz Jr. and celebrates the second race win of his career, we take a look at the Spaniard’s net worth, all of his impressive assets, the brands he endorses and more.


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A quick look at Carlos Sainz Jr.’s career highlights

Carlos Sainz Jr net worth
Picture Credits: Courtesy Instagram/@Carlos Sainz

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Carlos Sainz Jr. is the son of Carlos Sainz Sr., a double World Rally Champion. He became part of the Red Bull Junior Team in 2010, and in 2013, got the opportunity to roll out on the Formula 1 circuit for the first time after participating in the young drivers’ test at the Silverstone Circuit in England. During his debut, he drove both the Toro Rosso STR8 and the Red Bull RB9.

In 2015, Carlos Sainz Jr. drove for Scuderia Toro Rosso and partnered alongside Max Verstappen. He had a remarkable debut at the Australian Grand Prix that year as he finished the race in ninth place, and subsequently, finished the season ranked 15th in the World Championship race. The next season, he started for Toro Rosso alongside Verstappen but got a new partner in Daniil Kvyat after the 2016 Russian Grand Prix as Verstappen was promoted to Red Bull Racing.

After a two-year stint with Renault (on loan from Red Bull Racing in 2017 and 2018), Carlos Sainz Jr. moved to McLaren in 2019. He earned his first podium finish at the Brazilian Grand Prix following a penalty received by Lewis Hamilton. At the Italian Grand Prix in 2020, the Spaniard took his second podium finish as he finished second. He finished the season ranked sixth in the race for the World Championship.

Carlos Sainz Jr. replaced Sebastian Vettel in Ferrari in 2021 as he partnered alongside Charles Leclerc. He also achieved his best finish in the Drivers’ Championship as he secured the fifth position. In 2022, the Spanish driver won his maiden F1 race at the British Grand Prix in Silverstone.

As of September 2023, Carlos Sainz Jr. remains the only non-Red Bull Racing driver to win a Grand Prix in the current F1 season (so far).

What is the net worth of Carlos Sainz Jr.?

Carlos Sainz Jr net worth
Picture Credits: Courtesy Instagram/@Carlos Sainz

At the age of 29, Carlos Sainz Jr. is one of the best F1 drivers in the world in contemporary times. Given his track record and taking into consideration that, as a sport, Formula 1 pays the highest of dividends, it is not surprising to see the Spaniard accumulate significant wealth from his time in motorsport.

According to a report by CAknowledge, Carlos Sainz Jr., in 2023, has a net worth of around USD 49 million. A major share of his wealth can be attributed to his career earnings.

How much is Carlos Sainz Jr.’s salary?

Carlos Sainz Jr net worth
Picture Credits: Courtesy Instagram/@Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz Jr. has a contract with Ferrari till 2024 which sees him take home a salary of USD 10 million per year.

A look at all the luxury assets owned by Carlos Sainz Jr.

Carlos Sainz Jr net worth
Picture Credits: Courtesy Instagram/@Carlos Sainz

Being one of the highest-paid Formula 1 drivers on the grid in 2023, it is only fitting that Carlos Sainz Jr. leads a luxurious lifestyle. According to reports, he has an enviable collection of luxury cars and watches, besides owning as many as three yachts. Here is a look at each of them.

Carlos Sainz Jr.’s tryst with luxury cars

The Spanish F1 driver owns some of the best luxury sports cars in the world. The prized possession in his garage is a McLaren 720S which is worth around USD 1 million. He also has a Ferrari 812 that costs around USD 950,000.

In addition, Carlos Sainz Jr. has other luxury cars such as a Bentley Continental GT worth USD 900,000, a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT worth USD 815,000 and a Ferrari Roma worth USD 680,000.

His love affair with luxury watches

Like his collection of cars, Carlo Sainz Jr. is also renowned for a wide array of luxury watches in his collection. The most valuable timepiece in his collection is a Speake-Marin watch worth around USD 290,000.

Other watches in his collection include a Roger Dubuis timepiece worth USD 260,000, a Franck Muller watch worth USD 250,000, a Bovet Fleurier watch worth USD 120,000 and an F.P. Journe watch worth USD 120,000.

Which brands does Carlos Sainz Jr. endorse?

Carlos Sainz Jr net worth
Picture Credits: Courtesy Instagram/@Carlos Sainz

Like other contemporary Formula 1 drivers, Carlos Sainz Jr. endorses multiple brands and enjoys the privilege of having a few multinational companies in his endorsement portfolio. A few of them are listed below.

Estrella Galicia

One of the largest beer manufacturers in Spain, Estrella Galicia was founded in 1906. Over the years, the brand has invested in Spanish sports personalities across a myriad of sports. The beer manufacturer’s association with Carlos Sainz Jr. began in 2013, almost two years before he made his F1 debut.

The long-standing endorsement deal with Estrella Galicia sees Carlos Sainz Jr. acting as the brand’s ambassador. While the beer manufacturer has stopped featuring him in its digital campaigns after the driver’s association with Ferrari, the Spaniard still appears on the brand’s website.


German helmet manufacturer Schuberth signed an endorsement deal with Carlos Sainz Jr. in 2022 when the company also partnered with Ferrari to supply helmets to its drivers. The brand also released a helmet designed by the Spaniard himself.

Besides making protective headgear for Formula 1, Schuberth also produces helmets for Bundeswehr (armed forces), motorcyclists and industrial workers.


Sony’s iconic gaming console has a long-standing endorsement deal with Carlos Sainz Jr.

The Spaniard has worked with PlayStation a number of times in his career and has appeared in a host of advertisements for the brand. He also has a limited-edition PlayStation based on him and his career. Carlos Sainz Jr. has often been the face of PlayStation’s advertisements in Spain every time an F1 game is released on the console.

Is Carlos Sainz Jr. involved with works of charity?

Carlos Sainz Jr net worth
Picture Credits: Courtesy Instagram/@Carlos Sainz

While he has amassed significant wealth from his time on the Formula 1 circuit and his endorsement deals, Carlos Sainz Jr. is also known for being a philanthropist. Time and again, the Spanish F1 driver has taken part in several charitable football matches to raise funds for a host of social causes.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– How much is Carlos Sainz Jr.’s net worth? 
According to reports, Carlos Sainz Jr., in 2023, has a net worth of around USD 49 million.

– How much is Carlos Sainz Jr.’s salary?
Multiple sources confirm that Carlos Sainz Jr. has a contract with Ferrari till 2024 which sees him take home a salary of USD 10 million per year.

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