Look Behind You! It's More 'Citadel.'

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'Citadel' Is Just the BeginningPrime Video

James Bond, who? Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra star as sexy spies in Amazon Prime Video's latest series, Citadel, led by Avengers: Endgame's Joe and Anthony Russo. Madden plays a Jason Bourne-esque character named Mason Kane, and Chopra plays his deceptive partner, Nadia Sinh. They work together as the last two agents for a secret intelligence network known as Citadel, along with a character named Bernard (Stanley Tucci). But according to Tucci, at the end of Episode Three, everything we thought we knew about the story is about to change.

The first four episodes—full of action, mystery, and sex—recently premiered to mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. "It's a continuing narrative, you're building out a universe—you want to see what it is that the audience is responding to and what it is exciting them," executive producer Joe Russo told Collider. "We have our ideas, we can speculate, but it's always refreshing to get that feedback." His brother, Anthony Russo, added, "we've all been putting a lot of creative energy into it thinking about it."

But that hasn't stopped Amazon from pumping money into the new franchise-starter. With over a $200 million budget, per The Hollywood Reporter, Citadel is one of the most expensive television series ever produced. It falls just behind The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (which is also made by Amazon). The spy thriller has also already been renewed for a second season, alongside planned spinoffs in Italy, India, and Mexico.

“We’ve had the good fortune of being able to tell stories that travel around the globe, and we’ve seen the effect that those can have on audiences,” Anthony Russo told The New York Times. "But those were Hollywood-centric narratives that traveled. The idea that we could create a story that not only traveled around the world but was created around the world seemed like a very exciting movement forward."

At the end of Episode Four, Bernard's teaser of a big twist begins to come true. (Warning—spoilers ahead.) Citadel may be the "good guys," but that doesn't stop them from executing some questionable workplace methods. Notably—Mason Kane mind-wiping one of his own agents. Even worse, that agent somehow becomes Kane's wife in the future when he can't remember his own past either. Maybe this is what the CIA is actually complaining about when they bring up Havana Syndrome.

There are two episodes left in the limited series to finish this wild ride, releasing over the next two weeks. Episode Five will debut on May 19, while Episode Six will release on May 26. But don't fear—there's much, much more Citadel coming your way.

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