How Local Celebrity Mums Are Spending The School Holidays

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The school holidays are here! And just as you might already be enjoying this break with your kids, these celebrity mummies are also spending March in their own little fun ways with their families.

We look into what our local celebs have been up to during the March school holidays this 2021. If you haven’t got anything planned for the days ahead, some of these might even motivate you and the kids to join in participating in some of their school break activities!

What Celebrity Mums Are Doing For The March School Holidays 2021

1. Fann Wong plays LEGO with her son

Image source: Instagram / fannaiaiwong

With so much free time in our kiddo’s hands, it is no surprise that they’d spend all their creative energy on things such as building miniature towns with LEGO blocks. This is exactly what Fann Wong‘s son Zed has decided to do during the school holidays.

On Monday (15 March), the actress shared an adorable photo of the mother-son duo. They were seen playing with LEGO sets in the comfort of their own home. In her Instagram post, she fondly writes, “Checking on his photogenic city”.

What a perfect example! You don’t have to go travelling outdoors to have a meaningful bonding time with the kids.

2. Jamie Yeo attends an art workshop with her kids

Image source: Instagram / iamjamieyeo

Television host Jamie Yeo is also keeping her children’s little creative minds active by attending Asian arts and design workshops at ACM Caravanserai. This pop-up event is inspired by travelling caravans from past Asian civilisations. It includes a variety of activities you can do with kids like Embroidery, Slipcasting and Pottery painting.

“Aly and I had such a great time in the Batik Patchwork workshop where we put our creativity to the test,” writes the mummy of two in her recent Instagram post.

3. Jamie Chua welcomes another lemon tree to her little garden

march school holidays 2021
march school holidays 2021

Image source: Instagram / ec24m

It’s no secret that Singaporean socialite Jamie Chua loves to spend time keeping her private garden growing with a great passion for her beautiful blooms and abundance of other plants. With the arrival of her 8th lemon tree, Miss Chua shared a bright and enlightening IGTV post to show her brand new Meyer lemon tree. (A lesson for parents on gardening too!)

She talked about setting the tree upright in its spot in her garden. And, shared how lemon trees can grow healthily to her followers.

If you’ve been meaning to start gardening in your own homes, this could be a sign to keep up on your green skills with your little kiddo during their school break.

4. Jacelyn Tay and her son aim to save the environment by testing out solar panels

march school holidays 2021
march school holidays 2021

Image source: Instagram / jacelyn_tay

Actress Jacelyn Tay‘s son Zavier is known to enjoy a few experiments with their little trinkets at home. For this school break, Zavier continued to feed his curiosity as the pair tried out charging his phone using solar panels.

On Jacelyn’s IGTV post, her son explains to her followers how a solar panel work and calls it “the future of charging.” In a quest for knowledge and to better save the environment, Zavier successfully shows how his phone is charged with just the panel and even explains its benefits, despite it being slow in charging.

“This is a good way to introduce to kids the serious topic about Singapore’s power supply, energy and saving electricity,” writes the actress.

5. Zoe Tay cosies up with son under an indoor tent

march school holidays 2021
march school holidays 2021

Image source: Instagram / zoeytay10

Award-winning actress and mummy of three Zoey Tay is spending the school holidays happily with her family at the Capitol Kempinski Hotel. Not only that, the actress reveals she’s enjoying some hotel camping with her kids.

Tay wishes her followers a “happy Sunday” as she posts a photo of herself with one of her sons all bundled-up inside an indoor tent.

A short but sweet staycation with the family does sound great for the March holidays!


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