LL Cool J launching hip-hop clothing collection

LL Cool J

LL Cool J is set to launch a limited-edition clothing collection.

The rapper is gearing up to drop a line inspired by the hip-hop movement and named after the title of his hit 1986 song, Rock the Bells.

The range will feature hoodies, T-shirts, jackets, and accessories that reinterpret key looks from the original hip-hop era, with Drop 1, which will be released on Tuesday, referencing graffiti, DJs, break dancing, and MCs.

"We're staying true to where the culture came from, but reimagined for now," he told WWD. "When I recorded Rock the Bells in 1986, my heroes were people who embraced and lived the four elements of hip-hop. Drop 1 honours that spirit, while looking through the lens of current culture."

He added that while the collection was created by the Rock the Bells team, "we give the culture the real credit for the design... It's true and real and we really lived it."

Items include a black hoodie featuring a gold medallion chain design and a black varsity jacket with the Rock the Bells name on the back and its logo on the front, which the NCIS: Los Angeles star considers his personal favourite.

"It's amazing," the 52-year-old gushed. "It's a classic jacket that has a nice blend of leather and cotton and has the number 43 on it, which is the number of the (Rock the Bells) SiriusXM station. It reminds me of the original days when the Def Jam artists had jackets like that. That was a big part of the team-building and culture."

This isn't LL Cool J's first foray into fashion - he previously worked with bosses at department store chain Sears on an urban apparel collection back in 2006.

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